The Quest For Good Health – Eat Right!

Lots of people suffer from lifestyle disorders today. Not a day goes by when we don’t hear of someone being diagnosed with diabetes, heart-disease, and so on. Many of us know people who are currently showing the symptoms of obesity. Strokes and heart-attacks have become the bane of modern life.

What makes this situation so tragic is the fact that most of these diseases are quite avoidable, especially if we watch what we eat!

The food we eat influences our health to a great extent. This is something even a school-going child will tell you. Thanks to our hectic daily schedules, many of us pay no attention to the food we eat. We end up chowing down oily, fatty, non-nutritional food, that satiates our hunger, but devastates our health. In the long-run, all of this will take its toll on the body.

It’s Time For A Change!
Eating healthy is the best way to combat lifestyle diseases. People need to exercise caution and remain vigilant when it comes to food. Healthy ingredients, proper cooking techniques and moderation- this is what is needed to achieve a perfect balance!

After talking to a few nutritionists, we have come up with a few pointers, that could be used while formulating a healthy diet plan.

Eat According To Season
Certain fruits and vegetables are seasonal, that is, their availability depends on the current, prevailing season. Seasonal produce matters a lot, especially if you are intent on including only fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet plan. Take a look at the fruits and veggies you can expect to see in your market in:
Winter- Your body needs to stay warm in winter. Nuts, turnips, oranges, etc. can be easily found in the shops during the winter season.

Summer- Cool down the immensely torturous heatwaves with fresh and cooling strawberries, watermelon, squashes and so on.

Spring – Eat your fill of green leafy veggies during this season. Enjoy wholesome meals that include spinach, lettuce, etc.

Autumn- Root vegetables like carrots and ginger, as well as tasty stuff like sweet potatoes, are quite popular food items during the fall.

Eat In Moderation
People need to exercise a bit of restraint when it comes to food. Eating extremely spicy food, or constantly opting for oily junk food, or drinking too much of alcohol, are food habits that need to be curbed. Choose food that contains the correct levels of spice and oils, as this will be easier for the body to process.

Balance Your Diet With A Balanced Meal
A true nutritional diet is one that has all the requisite nutrients, in the correct doses. To adopt a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to eat food that contains carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals, all in the prescribed levels.

Stuff Best Avoided!
If you want to remain healthy, try to avoid the consumption of the following food items:

Excess Sugar
Artificial Sweeteners
Highly Processed Food
Trans Fats
Excess Oil

Learn to eat healthy. Talk to a nutritionist and work to plan a healthy diet, that is best-suited for your body type. There are also plenty of resources on the internet that can give you a whole lot of guidance.